10 Hilarious Cat Memes That Will Make Your Day



10 Hilarious Cat Memes That Will Make Your Day

We are no strangers to internet trends coming and going at a rapid pace, it is just the cycle that the internet is in. But we also know that some things never truly go away, even though they do not have the same popularity as they did before.

And in the rarest of instances some of these trends maintain their popularity despite having to face a sea of new trends that arise every single day. 

Two of these remarkable trends that the internet just can’t seem to get enough of are cats and memes. Cats have always reigned supreme on the internet, cats have reigned as overlords in human media for almost a whopping 154 years.

With their first appearance dating back to the year 1870 with the previously infamous “the photographer’s assistant” image that took over print media during the day.  

Ever since then cats have been a popular subject in any sort of media in the world. Memes, however, have only existed since the 1920’s with the first ever “official” meme published in a newspaper. But it can be argued that these two subjects have been popular for a much longer time. 

And like two great regimes that mutually benefit from each other, cats and memes have joined together to establish the impervious empire of cat memes! The previously mentioned “photographer’s assistant” is said to unofficially be the first ever cat meme to exist. 

In this blog, we’ll show you 10 cat memes that will surely tickle your funny bone! For maximum enjoyment, it is recommended that you to share these memes with your friends 😉

#1 Cats With Prosthetic Hands

Cats with prosthetic hands

First up are cats with prosthetic hands, the meme first became popular on March 9th, 2017 on Twitter (or X) by user @apricotbelly. Since then this meme has been a popular template for cats who mean business. We mean who wouldn’t? This overlord has given you a fraction of its time to listen to your human pleas.

#2 Obsessed Cat

Obsessed cat

We honestly do not know how to feel about this one, admittedly the cat looks cute. But I do think that it’s kind of creepy, cats normally brush you off as just another human but this one makes you the ONLY thing that matters. Guess we can’t deny taking the mouse, don’t want to see what’ll happen if this feline is denied…

#3 Grossed Out Cat

Grossed out cat

Looks like this cat has had enough of all the disgusting things its human does, it kinda does resemble a coughing kid though. Either way, we think it’s best to stand back before you get doused!

#4 Crying Cat

Crying cat

Infamous in many “regret” memes, this cat is one of a series of cats who have been photoshopped to appear like they are crying, since its rise last June 11th, 2017 this cat and its different iterations have been a staple template for meme makers to use, especially if they want to share something regrettably relatable.

#5  Awkward Smile Cat

Awkward smile cat

Ever felt like you’re in a situation where you needed to smile, but you can’t help but think “man, this is awkward”? Presenting the Awkward Smile cat! This cat meme is the perfect meme to share with your friends, or with people online if you just feel like. 😐

#6 Woman Yelling At a Cat

Awkward smile cat

Who can forget the infamous “woman yelling at a cat” meme? Over the past years, since its creation last May 1st, 2019, this meme has been another staple template for meme makers. These were originally two separate memes until Twitter user @MISSINGEGIRL published the photo side by side unknowingly creating a legendary meme that would stand the test of time even 6 years later.

#7 Milk Face Cat

Milk Face Cat

Usually used to express exhaustion or agony, the milk face cat is a picture of a kitten who fell face first to his bowl of food. The poor thing became an internet star when Imgur user 420Ghostgirl posted him on Imgur last 15th of May 2020, since then the picture of his misfortune has been the go-to photo for people who feel beaten down by life’s problems.

#8 Pain Cat

Pain cat

Mysteriously dubbed as “pain cat” in Imgflip, the definition of pain for this cat is not similar to that of the crying cat nor the milk face cat. No, this cat is not IN pain, it wants to INFLICT pain to any human unfortunate enough to encounter it. And from the looks of it, this cat is proud of what it’s done.

#9 Shouting Cat

Shouting cat

Heavily edited into a bunch of other images, this cat who’s overly enthusiastic with its scratch pole is another cat image that’s been used by meme makers for their memeable reasons. 

#10 Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat

Lastly, who can forget the legendary grumpy cat? Tardar Sauce was given the title of grumpy cat because of the photos her owners posted in late September 2012. Sadly, Tardar has passed, but she will remain as the one and only grumpy cat in the meme hall of fame.

Many people often say that “laughter is the best medicine” but many fail to realize that laughter is also one of the best ways to gain a friend, so if you’re done browsing the internet for memes that include any of these kittens, be sure to share all the photos you’ve found with some people online. Who knows,  you might just make a new friend.






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