Looking for Apps Like Monkey? Here Are Top Picks for Fun Video Chats



Looking for Apps Like Monkey? Here Are Top Picks for Fun Video Chats

Remember Monkey, that app that lets you randomly video chat with people all over the world? It was a blast, but it also got a bit of a bad reputation. If you’re looking for that same excitement of meeting new people without the downsides, you’re in luck! Loads of cool apps like Monkey that offer similar thrills in a safer and more enjoyable way.

Why Try Apps Like Monkey?

Why Try Apps like Monkey

Let’s be real; sometimes it’s fun to step out of your comfort zone and connect with someone totally unexpected. Here’s what apps like Monkey can bring to the table:

  • Beat the boredom: When you’re stuck in a rut, a quick video chat with someone new can bust you out of the ordinary.
  • Make new friends: You never know who you might click with – sometimes a random stranger becomes your next bestie!
  • Open your mind: Chatting with people from different backgrounds and cultures can expand your perspective in ways you never imagined.

Top Features to Look For

Not all “Monkey-like” apps are created equal. Here’s what makes the best ones stand out:

  • Safety First: Good moderation tools, the ability to report bad behavior, and clearly defined community rules are a must.
  • Interests Matter: If you can filter matches by shared interests, hobbies, or location, you’ll have way more engaging conversations.
  • Express Yourself: Fun filters, stickers, virtual gifts, and multiple chat options (text, video, voice) keep things lively.

Our Top App Picks for Monkey Fans

Emerald Chat: This platform is a great all-rounder. It has a solid focus on safety, lets you connect based on common interests, and is generally known for a more positive user base.

Emerald Chat Platform

Holla: If you want a super fast-paced experience, Holla is all about quick video connections. Swipe, match, and say hi within seconds!


Camgo: This one’s perfect for finding communities. Join themed chat rooms for everything from movie buffs to language learners and make friends with similar passions.


Yubo: Think of Yubo as social media meets random chatting. Build a profile, swipe or connect in live streams, and find your tribe.


A Quick Note About Safety

While these apps offer improved features compared to the original Monkey, it’s always smart to practice online safety. Stick to sharing lighthearted information at first, trust your instincts, and never hesitate to report any behavior that makes you uncomfortable.

Ready to Dive In?

Apps like Monkey can be a fun and enriching way to expand your social circle. With a bit of common sense and an open mind, you might just discover some awesome connections!





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