From Boredom to Adventure: How Random Video Chat Can Spice Up Your Day



From Boredom to Adventure: How Random Video Chat Can Spice Up Your Day

When we think of random video chat, we tend to think that it is similar to the normal video chatting experience and regard it as somewhat a boring activity since video chats only excite us when we are video chatting with someone we know (and that excitement doesn’t even last that long!). There is also the looming threat of encountering someone who is either not that ‘modest’ or that ‘kind’ to you. In summary, random video chat has always had a bad reputation.

But despite random video chat not being received well by many, we are here to present to you five reasons why it is definitely worth dipping your toes into the random video chatting environment!

Understanding Random Video Chatting

Before we dive in, however, we must understand what random video chatting is (for those who are still confused about what it does. Essentially, random video chatting is a video call made to someone in the world at random, in this way you will never know who is at the other end of the line and it is likewise for them. These virtual meet-ups usually happen on websites like Emerald Chat, Chatroulette, etc. (Here’s a blog talking about the different random chat platforms you might take interest in). 

From this very short description, we can already think of many pros and cons when it comes to random video chatting, but sometimes people tend to overstate the cons of video chatting and forget the many pros that it also brings. So now we dive into the five different reasons why you should try random video chatting!

Random Video Chat Breaks Monotony and Routine 

Whether you are a professional, a housewife/husband, or even a university student, one of the main irritants that you are going to notice within your daily life is how it sometimes tends to be monotonous, you do a certain task (go to class/work, clean the house, complete a specified amount of tasks for the day, eat, sleep and repeat). Don’t get us wrong, having a structured routine greatly boosts your productivity, but as we get more and more comfortable with a routine, it starts to become a tiring, repetitive cycle that seems to not end. 

Much like any other entertainment, video chatting momentarily pulls us out of that repetitive cycle, and puts us in an environment where we are made to face someone entirely new for us and communicate with them

Expands Social Network 

One of the main aims of communication tech is to connect people. This is why telephones were made, why social media sprung to life, and why the internet was made in the first place. To connect people. Up to now many areas of media and technology still push forth this message of “meeting someone new”. This message is more pronounced in applications that need a workable community to make their app useful (like random video chat platforms). 

As previously mentioned in blogs that tackled how to start a conversation with someone new, how to maintain friendships, etc. Randomized video chatting/chatting is one of the great ways for you to meet new people, especially when you have trouble doing so IRL. This is because you are far safer than when you are meeting someone in person since you are only seeing each other through screens and these conversations can have an additional layer of fun if the platform you are using allows you to bond with your new friend through games or chat addons. 

Enhances Communication Skills 

Aside from fun, random video chats may also help you enhance your communication skills. You are talking to another person, after all. Due to random video chat’s dynamic nature, you may be placed within conversations that require you to masterfully navigate through them to avoid offending the other person. 

This experience will translate to real-life situations, as you will now know how to respond to who and why to respond to what.

Provides Cultural Exchange Opportunities 

As mentioned, the environment that random video chatting offers is highly dynamic since many people from all walks of life and different parts of the world use the internet for their own reasons. This dynamic nature offers you the opportunity for cultural exchange, which widens your perspective of the world even more. 

Practising open-mindedness is essential for gaining new friends and even in professional settings. 

Offers Entertainment and Fun 

Last but not least, which also encompasses most of the benefits we’ve discussed and those that we haven’t, is that random video chatting offers you entertainment and fun. It is an avenue for you to break away, momentarily, from your day and meet someone new, maybe even gain a new friend, who may turn out to be one of the people you trust the most.

It is still up to you how you want to spend your time. You can indulge in numerous entertainment media to break away from your day, and random video chatting is just one of them. But with this blog post, we hope you’d consider hopping into a platform offering random video chat and try it out for yourself. Who knows? You might end up liking it more than the other media you consume. And while we can never assure you that there will be no trolls, the potential of gaining a new friend and experiencing new things with them far outweighs such an uncommon instance.






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