The Do’s and Don’ts of Random Video Chat on Emerald Chat



The Do’s and Don’ts of Random Video Chat on Emerald Chat

Video chatting, the random online chatting industry’s poster child, is one of the premiere features that most online chat rooms have. Despite its popularity. However, people have developed a negative connotation when it comes to random video chat, and for good reason.

Unfortunately, some people misuse random video chat for harmful purposes like discrimination, trolling, and even abuse. We want to change this culture. This blog offers important Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind during random video chat sessions.

The Do’s of Random Video Chat 

Picture of a black man indicating the Dos of chatting with strangers online

DO Respect Privacy 

Everyone deserves respect and understanding. People often have reasons for keeping parts of themselves private. Respecting someone’s privacy is essential during a video chat. If the person you’re chatting with seems hesitant to discuss sensitive topics, respect their boundaries. This helps both of you feel safe and comfortable.

DO Use Appropriate Language 

We discussed general do’s and don’ts in a previous blog post. However, the importance of proper language during video chats remains crucial.

First impressions matter, especially when meeting someone new you’d like to be friends with. Using inappropriate language creates a bad impression. These words are generally considered offensive, and you might be perceived poorly if you’re not mindful of your speech.

DO Dress Appropriately

Emerald Chat’s video chats may be casual, but dressing appropriately is still important.

Think of it like attending a social gathering where you might meet new people. You wouldn’t wear pajamas, right? The same goes for random video chat. While fancy attire isn’t required, we recommend dressing appropriately, even if it’s just from the waist up.

DO Keep Personal Information Confidential 

Unless you’ve known each other for a while, it’s best to hold back on sharing personal information – just like you would on a first date. Remember, in a random video chat setting, you don’t truly know the other person. Oversharing personal information puts you at risk of cyberattacks like identity theft, location tracking, and more. Be mindful of what you share during video chats. Only after you’ve built mutual trust should you consider sharing more personal details – and even then, always proceed with caution.

DO Find a Dedicated Video Chatting Space

To impress someone during a video chat, show you’re dedicated to the conversation. Find a quiet, distraction-free space. This helps you focus on your partner, allowing you to respond thoughtfully to their questions and ideas.

The Don’ts of Random Video Chat

picture of a redhead female gesturing cross arms to mean Dont's

DON’T Interrupt When Someone Else is Talking 

Everyone hates it when they are being interrupted when they are still speaking as it causes confusion and annoyance. However, it is all the more important for you to not talk when the other person is talking in a video chat setting because doing so might distort the audio which only causes an even bigger discomfort for both of you. 

DON’T Engage in Offensive or Inappropriate Conversations 

Nobody likes to be in a conversation with someone who constantly berates personal opinions, rains down insults like a typhoon, is condescending, or overly sexual. This is why the second Don’t of this list is engaging in offensive or inappropriate conversations, these conversations do not benefit you in any way and will only proceed to ruin your experience. Whenever you encounter such a scenario, you should hit the skip button as it is not worth ruining your day over. Additionally, we are constantly on the lookout for people who are like this, so reporting them is also one good way to make sure that Emerald Chat’s environment becomes safer.

DON’T Ignore the Platform’s Guidelines and Policies 

In addition to the last Don’t, you need to observe Emerald Chat’s guidelines and policies, as doing so will result in your account being banned from the website. We’ve established these guidelines so that we can ensure that our community stays safe, and grows to be safer. If someone aims to threaten these guidelines we will proceed with the necessary corrective actions to safeguard our community.

DON’T Just Use Body Language to Deliver a Message

Gestures and body movements can still be used as a way for you to deliver a message through the screen, however, these actions only harm the conversation as they are more of a distraction than a way for you to get a point across. Clearly state what you want to say to someone and eagerly listen to them as they speak, body language helps you create a better atmosphere, but keep it to a minimum.

DON’T Ignore Red Flags from Other Users 

Last, but definitely not least, is ignoring red flags. This is a critical factor that you must not ignore when you are in a video chatting session, since if you do ignore red flags you might put yourself in potential danger. There are lots of different red flags for you to look out for (we’ve listed them in this blog post for you), but generally you need to look out for overly flirty people, force personal information, or give out too many heartwarming compliments, as these are the usual tactics employed by people who want to socially engineer you to get what they want from you.


In this blog post, we’ve tackled 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts when video chatting on Emerald Chat. This blog post is meant to help people navigate through the difficulties they encounter when video chatting with others in EC, yet they are also applicable to real-life situations when you encounter someone new or are meeting your new friends IRL. There are a lot more things we can include in the post, but we’ve picked some of the more generalized things everyone should apply when they are in a random video chat so that they are easy enough to remember. But as a closing statement, most of these do’s and don’ts come from common decency and most can be remembered simply by recognizing that on the other end of the screen, you are facing a real person who can also feel happiness, fear, and sadness. That is why the main “Do” of this blog post is “Do remember that behind the screen is a person”.






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