Thrilling and  Fun Online Activities to Do with Friends



Thrilling and  Fun Online Activities to Do with Friends

In today’s day and age, where everything is fast and there seems to be no respite from all of the things we occupy ourselves with, the importance of creating and maintaining social connections is highlighted.

After all, we were not meant to be in isolation, and social connections provide us all with the respite that we all want to have in a fast-paced and busy world.

But how do we maintain social connections when everything in the world requires every bit of our time? This is why we wrote this blog: to let you know that even though the world may seem busy, there are still ways for you to interact with your peers and have a fantastic time with them even though you may not be physically in the same place.

There is a sea of options to choose from when deciding on how you can spend your time with your friends online, from truly daring activities to some of the more mellow and chill ones.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even try random video chat platforms to meet new people! Included in this list are activities that are somewhere in between two of the extremes, but we are positive that you and your friends will love the activities we’ve picked.

Online Multiplayer Games 

This is a common go-to when it comes to spending time with friends online, as multiplayer games have been popping up left and right ever since the gaming community took to the internet.

Online multiplayer games have always been a great way to sit down and bond with your friends, as you do not have to think of anything else but to plan what game you’ll play and play it. If you are looking to do this, it is generally good to first talk about what kind of games both of you would like to play before picking a specific game.

This is to make sure that both of you want and like the game that you are playing. 

An excellent addition to your gaming sessions, especially with 2 or more friends, is a way to communicate with each other. Consider using an external platform to call your friends. This allows you to hear each other’s live reactions to the game and talk simultaneously while playing.

Gather for Watch Parties

If you and your friends are more of the “movie watcher” type, we recommend you engage in watch parties (being in a video meeting and watching a specific movie).

While this may take more time to plan than the previous one, planning one online movie night with your squad is very rewarding once you’ve all gathered online and started watching the movie.

Think of IRL movie nights, except all of you are in a video conference. Most of the experiences you’ll get out of a regular movie night will also be present in watch parties. 

Slow internet is often the bane of all watch parties, as the stream (aka the movie) may become laggy and pixelated, so to avoid this, the person who streams the movie must have a stable internet connection.

Explore the World in the Comfort of Your Home

Looking to visit other places with your friends but lack the funds and time to do so? Virtual tours are the solution you need. Virtual tours are still images that are captured using a 360 camera to make you feel like you are in the area that you are virtually visiting.

An excellent example of a virtual tour is Google Maps’ street view.

However, if you are looking for a visual feast, we recommend checking out the virtual tours of museums that you find interesting, as museums are usually the ones that have the most interesting virtual tours.

Learn New Skills Together

Oftentimes, the break we need is just the next thing we want to learn about. Learning something new may come across as daunting or tiring. This is why you should learn together with a friend.

Maybe your friend or friends are proficient at a particular skill that you find interesting, or maybe you are interested in something like cooking, drawing, or a particular instrument. There is a lot in the world that you can start learning. 

It’s always nice to see how far you’ve progressed, so we recommend that for every achievement either you or your friends achieve, you share about it.

Talk about the achievement, where to go from there, how you will challenge yourselves to become even better, or what skill you would like to learn next. Engage with each other, and the learning process will not just be educational but will also be fun.

Do Virtual Fitness Challenges

female exercising online

Getting fit is good, but getting fit together is better. If you and your friends are more of the athletic type or are looking to lose weight despite being apart from each other, it is a fun and engaging way to do a virtual fitness challenge together. A few examples are 30-day yoga, 30-day plank, “Couch to 5k” Challenge, or daily walk.

As seen in the examples given, these virtual fitness challenges are not meant to overwork or completely drain your energy for the day. They are relatively easy to plan and execute, which is good since you can put more focus into bonding with your friends, than seriously working out.

Chat with Emerald Chat

Lastly, one fun online activity that you can enjoy with your friends is chatting with Emerald. Emerald is an online platform that allows you to meet new people and have interesting conversations.

It’s a great way to make new friends from all around the world and learn about different cultures and perspectives. Emerald Chat has a group chat mode that you and your friends can join. Meet new people from around the world today!

It is truly surprising how physical distances no longer limit social interactions and collaborations. From gaming to learning, the online world can provide tons of fun-filled activities to enjoy with your friends.

So, plunge into this cybernetically social age, engage with activities that cater to your common interests and rekindle your friendships meaningfully.

Get started on your online adventures today! Share this blog post with your friends and plan your next virtual activity together. Remember, the excitement is just a click away!

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