Navigating Emerald Chat: Features and Tools You Need to Know About



Navigating Emerald Chat: Features and Tools You Need to Know About

We’ve highlighted in previous blogs that Emerald Chat holds a whole host of different features and tools that you can use to improve your chatting experience. These features ranged from additions that allowed you to control your chatting experience, to features that were major quality-of-life improvements that many other online random chat rooms do not have. We’ve also tackled the features that make everyone say that Emerald Chat is by far the safest free random chatting platform in the market.

However, we do understand that Emerald Chat can be better, so with this understanding, we sat down and discussed what kinds of improvements Emerald Chat needs. Once we were able to identify them, we went to work to improve our platform more. In this blog post, we will share with you some of the new features and tools that we’ve added to Emerald Chat to improve your random chat experience. Let’s dive right in!

New Features

YouTube Video Integration

Profile feeds are where you share the various things that you like, your adventures, and even some of your occasional bursts of deep philosophical realizations that are just worth sharing with someone. Before, users were able to post word posts and/or image posts on their wall, but feeds weren’t ever capable of integrating YouTube videos into them. Well, now you can integrate them.

Now you can share that video that you liked so much or the video from your favorite YouTuber with your friends in EC. All you have to do is copy and paste the link in your profile feed and EC will automatically convert the link you posted into the video itself, so that your friends will see the thumbnail of the video and so that they will not have to load up another tab just to watch a singular video. This feature makes sharing YouTube videos with your friends faster and easier.

Improved User Interest Feature

Even though we adore the friends we’ve made in Emerald Chat, it is inevitable for us to miss a couple of details about them here and there and it is also likewise with them since we can’t deny that we also have other things to do in life. This is why we’ve added a user interests list directly to your profile, in this way, it’s easier for you and your friends to catch up with what is happening with each other’s lives. This feature also serves another purpose, which is to automatically enter your interests whenever you start random chatting, these interests will also automatically enter whenever you start chatting with someone else, saving you the hassle of continuously entering the interests you want your matches to have.

Minor Quality-of-Life Messaging Improvement

Here’s a quality-of-life feature that eliminates minor yet pesky things whenever starting a new random chatting session. This feature eliminates the task of having to click on the message input bar every single time you chat with someone, again this is a minor QoL improvement but we do hope that it speeds up your chatting experience in Emerald Chat.

New tools

Faster Way to Get Out of a Chat

Now moving to the new tools we’ve added, first off we have made it easier to start new chatting sessions with the use of a single button. Pressing “ESC” will now end the current chat session and open a new one. This is useful when you want to dodge someone potentially dangerous.

Improvements to the sound settings

There’s nothing worse than missing an important message because the notification volume is too low. We’re positive that users have been trying to adjust their volume settings so that they can hear the notifications easier to hear. The problem is that whenever Emerald Chat is reloaded the volume settings go back to default, this minor nuisance has made people miss vital messages from their friends causing them great discomfort. But we’ve gotten rid of that in this update, for starters is much easier to change the volume settings since a volume bar is now displayed with the icons located in the top right corner of your dashboard, the settings now also save your previous preference so that you don’t have to change it every time you reload Emerald Chat.

To wrap it up, we’ve introduced three new features and two new tools to Emerald Chat, all of them are aimed at improving your chatting experience with our website and they also set the tone for what our team wants to do as we push on forward into the next year and the succeeding years after it. There are no words that can describe how grateful we are to you for supporting our website and being a part of the people whom we aim to help with being able to find new friends, these updates are but a fraction of the things we want to add to EC, and they will serve as a statement that we are serious about our mission of connecting people from around the world.

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