Emerald Chat vs Chatroulette: Which is the Better Video Chat Platform?



Emerald Chat vs Chatroulette: Which is the Better Video Chat Platform?

While we constantly say that Emerald Chat is the “new Omegle”, it is no surprise to see that there are many more random chat platforms that claim to be or are competing to be this “new Omegle”. One of them predates even Omegle itself, this is Chatroulette, a random video chatting platform well known for its spontaneous chats and fun video chatting interactions.

Chatroulette is a competent competitor of Omegle, just like Emerald video chat, but in this blog post, we will be presenting to you the pros and cons of Emerald Chat and Chatroulette so that you can decide which is for you and which video chatting platform is better. Get Emerald Gold Today!

Chatroulette spearheaded the rise of its popularity among random video chatting platforms. Since then, developers have created many platforms to cater to the needs and wants of everyone. But before we start, let’s clarify what random video chatting platforms are.

Random video chatting platforms are like online hubs where people get to meet each other via a video call. Think of meeting someone at the bar only without the bar itself. People have found them to be a popular mode of getting to know new people who can potentially become friends or romantic partners if they pursue the relationship. These platforms offer us a unique way of interacting with others in a world where everything seems to move so fast, and as developers continue to improve these platforms, they allow for more and more ways for you to interact with someone while keeping you relatively safe.

Emerald Chat Pros and Cons

Emerald Chat is, at its core, an online random chat platform that offers three modes for you to “random chat”, though many users tend to lean towards random video chatting. Here are its pros and cons.


User-friendly interface

We’ve designed Emerald Chat’s UI (User Interface) to be as user-friendly as it can be. The buttons are placed where you can easily see them, and these buttons are also self-explanatory so that you won’t have to think about what they mean or do. And further exploration of the dashboard will only take you seconds before you master it. 

Take the login process for example, the front page will prompt you if you would like to log in (or register) or if you would just like to get a taste of what Emerald is like. If you’ve decided to log in, you will be thoroughly guided through the process with accurate prompts that tell you what to input and where to input them. After that, you are in. 

Advanced security measures 

Another edge Emerald has is its advanced security measures such as encryption, two-factor authentication, the ability to report a user, data protection, and much more. These were set in place because of the knowledge that random chatting not only meant connecting people but also allowing undesirable individuals the ability to use the platform for their own unwarranted goals.

Variety of chat options

Lastly is the variety of chat options available in Emerald Chat. If you ever get bored with video chatting and want a more text-based 1-on-1 chat experience, Emerald’s got it for you; if you want to chat with more people at the same time, Emerald’s also got that for you. You can choose and switch between these three chat modes easily so that you can chat with others the way you want continuously. 


Limited user base

While our goal is to “help people meet each other”, establishing a secure random chat platform has led many people (and all bots) to not choose Emerald Chat as there are more ways to detect and penalize these individuals, and we don’t just mean people who sexually harass others, we also mean those who are in the chat and just want to give everyone a bad time. However, this has contributed to a longer queue time than other more open random online chat platforms.

It can be used by trolls

We return to one of the main reasons (even though it’s the second con) why people refrain from using Emerald Chat. Despite our best efforts, trolls, harassers, and other undesirable individuals can still use the platform if they play their cards right. This has led to many public backlashes towards Emerald Chat, but we assure you that the Emerald Chat team is doing its very best to deliver you the same experience but with more security.

Chatroulette Pros and Cons

As mentioned, Chatroulette is one of the first random video chatting platforms to exist, and to this day, there are still quite a lot of individuals using the platform due to its unique video chatting experiences, although Chatroulette has also seen its fair share of ups and downs due to how long it has existed. Here are some of them:


Large, diverse user base

Being one of the first and well-known random video chatting platforms, it is no surprise that Chatroulette hosts a vast amount of users for you to chat with, all coming from diverse backgrounds. This is one of the main reasons why people use Chatroulette since it heavily leans towards “connecting people” from around the world.


When you meet diverse individuals in Chatroulette, you will have unique and exciting chats every time you search for someone to chat with. This is very good because it helps you see that the world is bigger than you think, and it incites fun in both of the users, which is a core building block for friendships and romantic relationships.

More than just video chatting

Chatroulette offers features that are unique to the platform, such as a currency, chat drawings (which can get really wild), and so much more (we’ve written a blog about this), all aimed at making your random video chatting experience more dynamic and fun.


Lack of moderation

The drawback of a large user base is that many of these users can do a specific level of harm to unsuspecting users. The lack of moderation in Chatroulette is its primary issue, causing many people to write negative reviews about it and even pushing some to quit. This is not a good thing if you need a user base for your product to be useful.

Potential for inappropriate content

Lack of moderation means a lot of things, but mainly it means that the potential for you to encounter inappropriate content is significantly much higher. Again, this is the one thing that all random chatting platforms struggle with in common, but multiplied by the size of the user base Chatroulette has, it’s not difficult to conclude that sexual harassers and other individuals who show R18 content are more prevalent in Chatroulette.

In conclusion, Emerald Chat and Chatroulette are two of the more popular platforms for random video chatting. These platforms have their fair share of pros and cons that may or may not push you to try one or the other, or none at all. We’ve highlighted these pros and cons so that you can decide on which platform suits you best and on which platform you will give your positive opinion.

We can only cover so much in a single blog. If you have a comment or an opinion, feel free to write it in the comments section below.






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    Au Idylla

    Emerald Chat takes the cake when it comes to safety, which is super important when you’re talking to strangers. They’ve got rules and a nifty Karma System that rewards the good folk and deters the not-so-nice ones.

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