How to Purchase Emerald Gold



How to Purchase Emerald Gold

So you’ve come to know Emerald Gold, Emerald Chat’s premium experience. You’ve probably seen the ads, discovered it on your own, or heard about it from some of your friends who also enjoy random chat. You glanced over the benefits of Emerald Gold, and thought to yourself, “Hey, this is actually pretty good!” So you are now ready to purchase Emerald’s premium experience, but you are faced with one problem: Where is the Purchase button?

If this is you, then do not worry. This will be a short and simple guide on how you can purchase Emerald Gold!

Purchase Emerald Gold Today

The first and most important step is for you to log into your Emerald Chat account, as the premium experience is only available for signed-up members of Emerald. If you happen to not have an account yet, you can go to the “Log in” link on Emerald’s front page located at the upper right corner of the page or on the navigation menu. Once the login screen has loaded, Click sign up and follow the instructions. (Or, you can simply use the “Sign in with Google” option on the home page to simplify and speed up the process of signing up)

Once you have finished creating your Emerald Chat account and logged in, you will get redirected to your dashboard. From there, hover over to the upper right corner of the dashboard, where you will see a “gear” icon. This will reveal a sub-menu containing the option to purchase Emerald Gold. Click on the “Emerald Gold” link and then click on the “Buy $3.89” button. This will redirect you to the payment page. Once on the page, complete the payment process.

It’s that easy! Once this is done, you can now enjoy Emerald Gold.

Remember, it’s easy to purchase Emerald Gold! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Sign Up

Via the “Log In” link(You’ll get redirected to the log in page where you’ll have to click the Sign Up link just below the form):

Via the “Sign in with Google” button:

2. Click the gear icon on the upper right corner of your profile dashboard

3. Click the “Emerald Gold” link

4. Click on the “Buy $3.89” button

5. Complete the Payment

Still thinking if the $3.89 is worth it? Check out our article on Why You Should Get Emerald Gold. If you’re having trouble with your payment or account creation, don’t hesitate to contact us! Have fun!


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