Tips for a Positive Emerald Chat Experience



Tips for a Positive Emerald Chat Experience

Emerald Chat offers you the opportunity to meet people from different places with differing backgrounds, but the part where you converse with them and get to know them is up to you.

How the conversation goes is left for you to tailor. With this big of a task, and especially if you’re new to Emerald video chat, it’s understandable to feel a sense of fear since the task may be very daunting to you.

This is why we wrote blogs that tackled how to start a convo, and how to eventually turn them into friends. To add more to the category, we will be presenting 7 tips that will help you create a positive experience for both you and your chatmate.

Tip #1: Maintain Anonymity 

Every person’s personal information is more important than gold. This goes for both you and your chatmate, which means that giving this information away or forcing it out of someone is comparable to theft.

This is why respecting someone’s privacy when talking to them is always important. Maintaining anonymity in Emerald Chat is relatively easy as we keep the information you’ve shared confidential. However, when chatting, always remember to think twice before sharing or asking about information that might be too personal and will compromise your privacy. 

Tip #2: Be Respectful 

It never feels pleasant to talk with someone who disrespects you. It’s similar to hearing the screeching of nails on a chalkboard. It’s painful. And even if you are talking to someone through an online platform, words can hurt people, vocally said or encoded.

A study that studied children engaged in negative self-talk states that the more negative words someone receives, the more they are likely to be anxious. So the next time you chat with someone, remember that being kind and respectful always pays off, even when the other person is not towards you. Here are some ways you can be respectful towards someone:

  • LIMIT what you say/do not just talk without thinking
  • ALWAYS put yourself in the other person’s shoes
  • Learn when to STOP talking.

Tip #3: Use Appropriate Language

Minding what you say to someone is THE best tip to remember whenever you are in a conversation as it makes you establish mental checkpoints that examine whether or not what you will say to the other person benefits the conversation and your overall relationship with them, or if it can be destructive. “Reading the room” is a reminder whenever you talk to someone.

This means that you assess how the chat is going. Are you still in the early stages of the conversation? Are you in a part of the conversation where you can throw jokes? Is the topic you want to discuss going to interest the other person or offend them? These are some of the questions you can ask yourself as you think of things to say to your chatmate.

Tip #4: Report Inappropriate Behavior 

As previously expressed in our past blogs, Emerald Chat, despite its security features, is still not free of people who indulge in inappropriate behavior. Reporting these individuals is one way to create a better experience for you and others. (Here’s a blog on How To Report A User On Emerald Chat

If you encounter such a person, click on their profile (which can be found in the ‘history’ section of your chatting interface) and then select ‘report’. A popup will appear, prompting you to choose what kind of inappropriate behavior this person has done. Once finished, click on ‘report’. Our team will review this and carry out the appropriate punishment.

Tip #5: Utilize the ‘Interest Matching’ Feature 

emerald chat interest matching system

The interest matching feature is a free feature that helps you find the right person to talk with. This feature enables you to kickstart your conversations by finding someone with the same interests as you according to what you’ve inputted in it, at the slight cost of a longer queue time. You can find this feature in the 1-on-1 text chat mode and video chat mode. 

Tip #6: Be Open-Minded 

Being in an online environment means that you will be encountering individuals from diverse backgrounds. In such an environment, maintaining an open mind is very important as it keeps you from offending others because you unknowingly said something offensive in their understanding. As mentioned, setting up a mental checkpoint is an excellent way to establish an open and relatively safe conversation. It is also essential to be eager or at least receptive to what others say and always remember that people may have different opinions about specific topics. 

Tip #7: Practice Active Listening

It’s nice to talk. You get to express your thoughts while being in control of the conversation, but listening to the one speaking is just as important, if not more, as talking. Being an active listener is one of the main reasons why even the most uninteresting conversations flourish into a more nuanced and reflective dialogue that lasts for a long while.

This is because active listening shows the other person that you are going into the conversation with the intent to not only hear what they say but also reflect and understand what they are saying. 

Practicing active listening is much more complex than being able to talk well because it involves a lot of downtimes or a time when you are not the one talking. But if one continues to practice and improve, one can expect better conversations from people. To practice active listening, you can do the following:

  • Listen AND understand what the other person is saying.
  • Reflect on what they’ve said.
  • DO NOT cut them off by changing the subject or abruptly speaking
  • SHOW that you are interested in the conversation by responding to what they’ve said.


To sum up, everyone wants to have a good time chatting with someone else in Emerald Chat. Presented above are a few tips that one can use to gain a positive chatting experience when using Emerald. Now, these tips, along with the other blog posts related to this topic, are ways to craft a positive environment during a conversation.

We understand that remembering all of these tips and how-tos may seem overwhelming. Still, they all stem from a fundamental principle: recognizing that the person you are communicating with through your computer screen is also a human being. They have emotions, unique experiences, and potentially a different perspective on the world than you do. Once we understand that this is the case, the tips will flow naturally. 

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