What is the Smile Dating Test? Why Is It Viral?



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What is the Smile Dating Test? Why Is It Viral?

Have you ever wondered what kind of person you’d most likely become when you’re dating someone? Have you been interested in what kinds of attributes you’d like, or don’t like, your future partner to have?

Or if you already have a partner, have you ever looked back and examined the drastic changes that took place after you got into a relationship? These questions and many more are the ones that are answered by a new dating trend that has been taking over TikTok recently, The Smile Dating Test.

What is a “Smile Dating Test”?

What is a “Smile Dating Test”

Created by South Korean developers, Smile Dating Test puts you through 12 different questions to determine what kind of lover you’d be like with your significant other. It is a straightforward personality test that works similarly to MBTI’s personality test, only this time around it tests your romantic personality.

Some of the results given by the test can lead you to discover that, when in a relationship, you are the ideal partner for someone, or if you are the complete opposite.

Why is it so popular?

Why is it so popular

The Smile Dating test was first seen on TikTok and has gained popularity even to this day. TikTok is the home for a lot of personality tests, romance quizzes, and other quizzes and tests of the same nature. Although these kinds of tests have been particularly popular in TikTok, the Smile Dating test has gained popularity probably because there is a potential for finding someone.

According to an expert at LovetoKnow.com, we humans tend to like looking at ourselves introspectively and discovering things we might not know about ourselves, things we’d potentially want to improve upon, or simply things that we think are fun to share with others in social media.

Another probable conclusion to its popularity within TikTok and other social media sites is that you get to see which people you’re compatible with and which ones you’re not, which might be the cause for two people to meet and have a chat. However, the more likely conclusion is that we really just like to share ourselves with others.

Is it accurate?

Is it accurate

Many people have also found the test to be highly accurate, although experts have said that the test is not scientific in any way, the results that you get in the test are generalized and it does not necessarily mean that if you are incompatible with someone you can’t be a couple.

The test allows us to affirm any attributes that we have, therefore satiating our curiosity, and helping us reflect on some of the inaccuracies of our results, if we do have these inaccurate traits or not. If you have a partner it can also be an avenue for you to affirm and reflect on theirs as well (bonding moment tip right here!). 

What can I use the test/test results for?

The premier use that you have for your test results is sharing it with others, which can spark a few conversations with some of the people you are interested in. Another way for you to use the test/test results is to use them as a way to start a conversation with someone you are interested in, it is quick and easy to pitch to someone, and it also piques the curiosity of people, making it a great conversation starter.

In conclusion…

The Smile Dating Test’s popularity is a result of humanity’s innate ability to be curious about itself. We love to satiate our curiosity by affirming our personality and reinforcing who we are as a person, plus we just really seem to love sharing this identity with others.

The test is also a great way for you to open up a conversation with someone you like, or bond with your partner. Other than that however, the success of your relationship, may it be in the future or the present, does not depend on what the quiz tells you. Its success wholly depends on you and your partner, and on how you navigate your life as a couple.



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