The Pros and Cons of Emerald Chat: Is it Worth Your Time?



The Pros and Cons of Emerald Chat: Is it Worth Your Time?

Emerald Chat has been connecting thousands of people from across the globe, allowing them to create meaningful relationships, be it as friends or as a romantic couple. This has been our goal and what drives us to continue to improve your experience with Emerald Chat.

However, despite these and the things we do to improve Emerald for you, nothing is ever perfect, and much like any other thing in this world, Emerald Chat has some pros and cons.

This blog post will discuss the traits that make Emerald stand out from other random video chat platforms and some of the traits that can still be improved upon.

Let’s start with the traits that make Emerald Chat stand out despite the presence of numerous other chatting platforms in the market.


We can never start a “Pros list” without listing Emerald Chat’s safety! From previous blogs, we’ve already stressed the safety of Emerald Chat, as we are currently implementing systems that prevent exploiters from causing harm to the people they get matched with.

Some of the most notable security features we have are the karma system, which allows you to rate someone according to how they acted when you were chatting; the anti-bot system, which prevents the use of bots in Emerald; and our chat moderators, a dedicated team that views users who have bad karma and ban these users after an extensive investigation of their behaviors when chatting.

Mentioned above is the “anti-bot” system, which stops exploiters from using bot software in Emerald. This means two things: one, you are safe from bots when you are chatting in Emerald, and two, those that you get matched with are humans that are also looking to chat with someone. No more pesky and dull messages from bots!

Chatting websites must be all about the conversation you get to have with someone else, this is why when the front page of the website is littered with ads or difficult to figure out, the focus is not on the conversation anymore but on how to figure out the website.

Or, worse, closing the ads that have popped up! But we know this. That is why we made Emerald Chat’s user interface straightforward and smooth so that you get the most out of your experience with our website. 

Whatever gets left behind by the times is inevitably forgotten by everyone, and with our mission to connect people from around the world, being forgotten is not one of our options!

We always strive to keep Emerald Chat up-to-date and capable of competing with other modern chatting websites. These features include your Emerald Chat friends list, Your personal wall/newsfeed, and interest matching. You can also use Emerald Chat on your mobile so that you can chat anywhere and at any time!


With the pros finished, let’s move into two of the major problems Emerald Chat has and is facing.

First off, if you have been using Emerald for some time, you might have noticed that Emerald Chat sometimes takes time to load or there are minor glitches to the website. And though this is because of the security measures we have in place, we are working hard to improve the user experience on the platform.

And lastly, despite our best efforts, Emerald Chat still suffers from the usual cons of all online environments. This means trolls, unpleasant people who just want to argue, and exploiters may still be encountered by some.

But it is assured that all you need to do to avoid these individuals is report them (check out our blog on how to report users on Emerald Chat), and the system we’ve set in place will do the rest!


In summary, Emerald Chat still has a long way to go when it comes to improving the systems and features it has. But as it is currently, Emerald is sure to cater to quite a lot of your random chatting needs and wants, and the improvements that are still yet to be made just means you can expect more from Emerald in the future!


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